Outrigger Wall Mount Series
External Single Stationary – Rope Halyard

The Outrigger Single Stationary Series from Concord American Flagpole offers wall mounted flagpole options in lengths of 6′ to 20′. A variety of Wall Mount design and angle options give project owners the ability to enhance any building facade with the customized look and beauty of aluminum flagpoles.

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Our INDUSTRY-FIRST Lifetime Flagpole Shaft Warranty assures that a Concord American Flagpole Continental Series – ESR Flagpole will last…Guaranteed!

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Standard Flagpole Accessories


O-30 45°
Arm Angle
4 Bolt Design

O-32 45°
Arm Angle
4 Bolt Design

O-31 Outrigger Series Flagpoles are available in 30°, 45° and 60° Arm Angle – 3 Bolt Design.

• Patented, Heavy-Duty Gold Anodized Aluminum Ball

• Cast Aluminum Single Stationary Truck Assembly with Aluminum Pulley

• Complete External Halyard Assembly
– Rope Halyard – 5/16″ #10 Polyester
– Two (2) Solid Brass Swivel Flagsnaps
– Two (2) Neoprene Flagsnap Covers

• 9″ Cast Aluminum Cleat

• 3/8″ Eyebolt and Double Swivel Pulley

• Anchorage by Others

SAT = Satin
ACL = Anodized – Clear
ADB = Anodized – Dark Bronze
ABL = Anodized – Black
BZT = Powder Coat – BronzeTone
BLK = Powder Coat – Black
WHT = Powder Coat – White
CLR = Powder Coat – Clear

Finish Options >

Cap Mounted Style
Single Revolving Truck
In Lieu Of Standard Stationary Truck.

Outrigger Retainer System

Cleat Cover
(Specify Cylinder Lock or Padlock).

Flagpole Lighting Options

Wall Anchorage Kit.
Contains one Sleeve, one Bolt, Washers and Nuts.
Offered as component pieces only for O-31 and O-32


Great for architects, designers, and specifiers of flagpoles!

Step-by-step guide creates flagpole specification drawings to match the requirements of any project.