Flagpole Design – Internal Halyard Options

A major consideration in flagpole design is the placement of the Halyard used to raise and lower the flag. Options include Internal Halyard Systems which enclose the Halyard behind the security of a lockable access door and External Halyard Systems which place the Rope Halyard on the outside of the flagpole.

Internal Halyard Systems

Winch vs. Cam Cleat
Concord American Flagpole offers Internal Halyard designs that are specially designed for the rigorous demands of outdoor flagpole systems. Winch Systems incorporate Wire Halyard with a gearless Winch and Winch Handle. Cam Cleat Systems utilize Rope Halyard in a heavy-duty cam action cleat.

Internal Revolving Trucks vs. Internal Stationary Trucks

Internal Trucks sit at the top of the flagpole, providing an enclosed pulley system for the Wire or Rope Halyard. Options include Stationary Trucks, which are fixed and will not rotate, and Revolving Trucks, which rotate the flag with the wind.

External Halyard Systems

External Halyard Systems utilize flagpole Trucks with an exposed Pulley, Rope Halyard and Flagpole Cleat. Truck options include Single Stationary, Single Revolving and Double Revolving.