Designing Your Flagpole – Finish Options

Concord American Flagpole is the industry’s unsurpassed leader in finish options.

Satin Finish
Concord American Flagpole’s aluminum flagpoles are constructed of Aluminum Alloy 6063, a marine grade alloy that exhibits extremely high resistance to corrosion. On contact with air, Aluminum forms a resistant layer of aluminum oxide. This process naturally guards against corrosion, allowing our flagpoles to be left unfinished while ensuring a lifetime of aesthetic beauty.

Concord American Flagpole’s Satin Aluminum Finish is achieved in a multi-pass, mechanical rotary sanding operation utilizing specially formulated abrasives. This attention to detail ensures a consistent, brushed aluminum finish that has become the industry’s first choice for low-maintenance and enduring flagpole finishes.

SAT – Satin Aluminum Finish

Anodized Finish
Concord American Flagpole offers standard Anodized flagpole finishes in Clear, Dark Bronze and Black. Exacting manufacturing specifications enhance the anodizing process, ensuring Concord American Flagpole customers the optimum color and longevity in colored Anodized finishes.

ACL – Clear

ADB – Dark Bronze

ABL – Black

Powder Coat Finish
Concord American Flagpole combines state-of-the-art, on-site Powder Coating operations with the highest quality polyester thermoset powders.

Unlimited Color Options
Simply provide an RAL color number or color chip sample and Concord American Flagpole can provide the perfect Powder Coat Color for your next project

BZT – BronzeTone

BLK – Black

CLR – Powder Coat Clear

WHT – White