Wire Halyard

Concord American Flagpole offers a complete line of Wire Cable products for use with Internal Halyard systems. Each are constructed with Stainless Steel Wire Strand Aircraft Cable specifically chosen for its combination of high breaking strength, fatigue resistance, flexibility, and extreme corrosion resistance under the harshest exterior environments. Use with Internal Halyard Winch System Flagpoles only.

Wire Cable Assembly
For Wire Cable Based Internal Halyard
Winch System Flagpoles

Internal Halyard Cable Assemblies include a heavy-duty Stainless Steel Swivel which dramatically increases cable life by reducing stress on the halyard. Cable ends use stainless steel yokes which are attached with double heavy-duty copper crimps. Cable Assemblies are built upon our 1/8″ SS Wire Cable and includes an attached Stop Sleeve for Winch attachment, two 1″ Drilled Nylon Stop Balls, SS Yoke with two (2) heavy-duty Copper Crimps and Cable Swivel.

For a complete replacement of an Internal Halyard Winch System Assembly, order all items shown below.