Trucks Accessories

Stainless Steel Truck Spindles

For Revolving Truck Assemblies

Stainless Steel Spindles are strongly recommended for special applications that put considerable stress on the truck and spindle assemblies. Examples include large Eagles, tall flagpoles, roof mount applications, flagpoles flying extremely large or multiple flags and high wind areas. Several spindle lengths and NPT thread size combinations are available. Contact Customer Service for availability and specification assistance.

Side Mount Trucks for Light Poles

Turns Existing Poles Into
A Flag or Banner Pole

• Easily allows the raising, lowering and changing of flags, banners or pennants without hoists or ladders.
• Professional results without the need to drill the pole.
• Flags or messaging can be quickly changed or removed in inclement weather.
• Attach using two (2) Stainless Steel Hose Clamps (by others). Design does accommodate bolting if desired.
• Cleat Adapter is available for Cleat installation without pole drilling. Adapter attaches with two (2) Stainless Steel Hose Clamps (by others).


Side Mount Kit consists of the following parts

• TRK-9160 Side Mount Truck.
• CLA-9060 6″ Cleat with two (2) Stainless Steel Screws.
• CLA-9900 Cleat Adapter.
• CLA-0200 Nickle Plated
Flagsnaps – Qty. (2).
• SNP-0500-WHT White Flagsnap
Covers – Qty. (2).
• HAL-0710 Polyester Rope
Halyard – Qty. 55′.

Red Beacon Light Assembly

External Halyard Systems

FAA approved Red Beacon Light Assemblies for External Halyard Systems are available in Light Bulb and LED styles in both Single and Double Lens options. Bulb(s) sold separately for the traditional Light Bulb style. *LED style options include bulb(s) and have a 5-Year Warranty. LED bulbs cannot be replaced.

TRK-5170 or TRK-5180

TRK-5150 or TRK-5160

All options incorporate 3/4″ NPT internal threads and require the use of both the Heavy-Duty Truck Assembly TRK-9430 (or TRK-9975) and Stainless Steel Spindle TRK-5120 (both sold separately). Heavy-Duty Truck and Stainless Steel Spindle will be modified and assembled at the factory.