Ground Sleeves – Steel
Corrugated Steel with
Steel Lightning Spike
Two-Piece Design

Corrugated Steel Ground Sleeves with Steel Lightning Spike are designed for use in Ground Set flagpole installations. Our superior 2-piece design contains an upper section manufactured of galvanized 16-gauge corrugated steel tube, a thick steel base plate, and steel centering wedges welded into the base to assist in plumb installations of the flagpole. The lower section incorporates a threaded top 3/4″ diameter steel grounding spike with 6″ x 6″ steel setting plate, allowing the concrete foundation to completely surround the sleeve. Ground Sleeves for flagpoles up to 75′ can be shipped via UPS and Fed Ex, providing significant savings over competitor’s one piece designs.
Contact Customer Service for custom sizes, larger sizes, or special applications.

Ground Sleeves – PVC

PVC Ground Sleeves aid in the proper Ground Set installation of smaller residential and commercial flagpoles. They are not recommended for use on installations exceeding 35′, flagpoles having larger wall thicknesses, flagpoles located in high wind regions, or in flagpoles applications flying oversized or multiple flags.

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Lightning Rod Kit

Lightning Rod Kits are constructed of 7-strand, 1/2″ diameter x 6′ long aluminum cable and 5/8″ diameter x 5′ long copper clad rod. Kit includes Drill and Tap Kit, assembly hardware and installation instructions for field installation.

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