Counterweights are required in Internal Halyard Systems to assist in the lowering of flags. They also ensure the flag hangs and flies properly in winds by keeping the flag taught. Three sizes allow the proper choice of counterweight based on wind zone and flag size flown.

The Industry’s Only Patented Counterweight
Patent #D594,380
Constructed of steel covered in a thick plastic coating, Concord American Flagpole’s patented Counterweights are designed with heavy-duty, horizontal attaching bars. This design more efficiently distributes the stress load when compared to industry standard round-eye ends which concentrate the load in a single location. Dual attachment points in all sizes also provide a significantly increased safety level when compared to single attachment designs. This is the longest lasting, safest Counterweight the industry has to offer!

For Use With All Rope and Wire
Internal Halyard Systems

Counterweights are available in the following sizes, 3.5 LBS., 6.5 LBS. and 14 LBS.
Colors options are White, BronzeTone, Black and Gray.

Safety Note:
The Retainer Ring and Rope Assembly or Flag Arrangement should never be attached to the same end of the Counterweight.