Create MILLIONS of individual Flagpole Specification Drawings to match the requirements of any project.

Before starting FLAGPOLE DESIGNER 2.0 – REVIEW Tutorial below…it is a Simple, Step-by-Step GUIDE for producing Flagpole Specification Drawings.


Flagpole DESIGNER 2.0 Tutorial

Step 1. To begin, choose the Flagpole Series from either the dropdown list or visual thumbnail list.

Note: If a standard CAFP Part # is known (Example: ESR30C61 without Finish), it can be entered into the “Enter Catalog Number” option box. A flagpole with catalog standard options will be automatically generated.

Step 2. Choose Flagpole Specifications (Ground Set vs. Shoe Base, Mounting Height, Butt Diameter, and Wall Thickness/Wind Speed).

Step 3. Choose Flagpole Finish. Options include Satin, standard Anodized and Powder Coat color, and Specialty Powder Coat colors.

Step 4. Choose Flagpole Truck. Options vary but include standard Trucks, Heavy-Duty Trucks, and Ball Trucks.

Step 5. Choose Flagpole Ornament. Options include Balls, Eagles, Finials, and “No Ornament”.

Step 6. Choose Flagpole Security (External Systems Only). Options include Cleats, Cleat Covers, and Cleat Cover/Halyard Cover Kits.

Step 7. Choose Flagpole Collar. Options include Spun, Cast, and “No Collar”.

Step 8. Assign Project Details. Customer and Project Details, Order Quantity, and Special Notes.