Designing Your Flagpole –

Foundation Options

Installation methods available to securely and
permanently mount the flagpole include
Ground Set and Shoe Base options.

Safety Note:
Extreme care must be exercised when installing flagpoles near overhead power lines or when digging in the vicinity of buried utilities.
During installation, extreme care should be taken to insure that all components are securely attached.

Ground Set Flagpole Foundation

Ground Set installations are the strongest and most common form of flagpole installation. They require burial of the flagpole shaft in a concrete foundation to a depth equal to 10% of the mounting height.

All standard Flagpoles listed on this web site are designed for Ground Set foundations. Each flagpole is shipped at 10% over listed Mounting Height.

25′ Mounting Height Exception
Standard Ground Set Flagpoles offered in 25′ Mounting Heights are manufactured in a single piece with an overall length of 26′-6″. 2′-6″ will be inserted below grade into the Ground Sleeve. When the truck and finial are attached, the nominal height of the completed flagpole will be 25′. This industry accepted standard allows shipping in a pup trailer at a significant freight savings. Full 27′-6″ shafts are available upon request.

NAAMM’s Metal Flagpole Manual offers basic suggestions on foundation measurements in firm, dry soil only using dry tamped sand and 3000 PSI concrete. Soil conditions vary by site. Exact foundation requirements should be verified by a Structural Engineer with knowledge of soil conditions in your locality.

Shoe Base Flagpole Foundation

Shoe Base installations are typically used when an above ground installation is required.

All 20′ to 80′ Flagpoles listed on this web site with a 4″+ Butt Diameter can be provided in a Shoe Base Installation option. List price of a Shoe Base Flagpole can be obtained by adding the appropriate List Price Shoe Base Adder to the List Price of the flagpole.

Contact Concord American Flagpole Customer Service for Wind Speed information for your particular design.