Flagpole Design – Shaft Descriptions

Mounting Height
The Mounting Height of flagpoles offered by Concord American Flagpole refers to the exposed height above grade and is measured to the top of the of the flagpole shaft. *When truck and ornaments are added, overall height can be greater by 1′-2′, which can be relevant in areas with height ordinances. Upon request and at no additional charge, Mounting Heights can be shortened to achieve the desired overall height.

*NOTE: See 25′ Mounting Height Exception.

Mounting Height

25′ Mounting Height Exception
Standard Ground Set Flagpoles offered in 25′ Mounting Heights are manufactured in a single piece with an overall length of 26′-6″. Below grade, 2′-6″ will be inserted into the Ground Sleeve. When the truck and finial are attached, the nominal height of the completed flagpole will be 25′. This industry accepted standard allows shipping in a pup trailer at a significant freight savings. Full 27′-6″ shafts are available upon request.

25′ Nominal Mounting Height

Top Diameter and Butt Diameter
The Top Diameter is measured in inches at the very top of the shaft. Butt Diameter is measured in inches at the base of the shaft.

Top Diameter

Butt Diameter

Single & Multi-Piece Flagpole Shafts
Concord American Flagpole offers flagpoles in both single and multi-piece designs. Single piece flagpoles are offered in Mounting Heights up to 40′ (44′ overall length), combining ease of installation with superior aesthetics. 30′-40′ flagpoles are also available in a 2-Piece option, providing the perfect solution when freight costs or job site locations are a deciding factor. Flagpoles 45′ and larger will contain multiple piece shafts based on Mounting Height. Sections can be easily field assembled without any loss of structural integrity, leaving only a hairline joint to indicate that the shaft is not a single piece flagpole.

Wall Thickness
Wall Thickness of Concord American Flagpoles are measured in inches, with Commercial flagpoles varying from .125″ to .500″.