Flagpole Design Options

Ball Truck

A Concord American Flagpole exclusive, the Ball Truck replaces the traditional truck and ball finial by combining the function of the truck assembly with the ornamental features of a ball finial. Available in both Internal and External options, these heavy-duty, sealed bearing designs offer Architects, Specifiers and Project Owners a unique and durable truck assembly option.
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Ball Truck
Replaces Traditional Truck and Finial Design

Traditional Truck
and Finial Design


Concord American Flagpole’s offering of ornaments is unequaled in the industry for both quality and selection. From our patented heavy-duty Flagpole Ball, a standard on all of our commercial flagpoles, to specialty Balls, Finials, and Eagles. Our Ornaments deliver both aesthestics and unmatched reliability, providing the perfect finishing touch to any flagpole.
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Collar Options

Unlike many competitors, all commercial flagpoles from Concord American Flagpole include a 1-Piece Aluminum Collar as a standard. 1-Piece and 2-Piece Collars in Spun Aluminum and our industry-exclusive, 1/4″ thick heavy-duty Cast Aluminum designs are available for upgrade and replacement options.
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Spun and Cast Aluminum Designs

1-Piece and 2-Piece Options

Halyard Security

Cleat Cover Assemblies, Halyard Cover Assemblies, and Halyard Security Kits (combining the Cleat and Halyard Covers) provide tamper resistant security for External Halyard flagpoles.
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Cone Tapered and Entasis Tapered Flagpoles

Concord American Flagpole’s standard aluminum flagpoles are designed and manufactured in a Cone Taper. This design consists of a lower, non-tapered portion of the flagpole (length varies by flagpole height) followed by a straight taper which extends to the top of the shaft.

Some schools of architecture hold that a building column…or a flagpole…with a standard conical taper might appear to curve inward when viewed against the light of the sky. To counteract this illusion, early architects devised the technique of curving the taper gently outward to create a pleasing and more nearly perfect appearance. This taper is commonly referred to as an Entasis Taper, and is most widely recognized for it use on columns found on the Parthenon.

An Entasis Taper is available in all Concord American Flagpole standard flagpole designs. Contact Customer Service for additional information.