APEX Series 100 Ft.tall Aluminum Flagpole

APEX, our 100 ft. tall Aluminum Flagpole in a standard 12″ butt diameter…another industry-first. Concord American Flagpole leads the industry with Innovative R & D, Expert Engineering, and World-Class Manufacturing Capabilities.

The APEX Series 100 Ft. Internal Halyard Winch Flagpole provides substantial advantages when compared to competitor’s Steel and 16″+ Aluminum butt diameter options available to the market today.

APEX 100’ Tall Aluminum Flagpoles are lightweight. Designed with the industry’s standard 12” butt diameter, the APEX results in lower freight and installation costs. No welding is required. Aluminum is also corrosion resistant, delivering a flagpole that will never rust or need painting.

Providing superior flag visibility for those projects requiring a tall flagpole, our INDUSTRY-FIRST Lifetime Flagpole Shaft Warranty assures that a Concord American Flagpole APEX Series Flagpole will last…Guaranteed!

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