100′ Aluminum Flagpole

We did it because our competitors cannot.

Tall 100 ft flagpole

A 100 foot flagpole with a 12 inch base.

Industry First

Concord American Flagpole’s expert engineering capabilities have led to the development of another industry first…a 100′ aluminum flagpole in a 12″ butt diameter. The advantages of aluminum when compared to steel alternatives are substantial. Aluminum is corrosion resistant, lightweight, and provides lower overall cost of ownership. Additionally, our 12″ butt diameter design significantly lowers installation costs when compared to competitor’s 16″+ butt diameter aluminum flagpoles.

Multiple Color Options

Flagpole finish options

We have 8 standard long-lasting finish options including 4 anodized and 4 powder coated. Looking for something special to stand out even more? We have an infinite number of custom color options.

No Welding Required

Save time and money with our Slip-Fit sectional system which requires no welding during flagpole installation.

Extra-Large Eagle Topper

Comes standard with extra-large 44″ wingspan flying eagle topper and spun aluminum revolving ball truck with dual-sealed stainless steel bearing assemblies, stainless steel spindle, cast brass exit bushing, and removable hood.

30% Lower Shipping Costs

Aluminum poles cost significantly less to ship than equivalently sized steel poles.