Spun Collars

Our most common style flash collar, Spun Aluminum Collars are manufactured to exacting specifications from the highest quality materials. They provide the perfect finishing touch for both Ground Set and Shoe Base installations. Split, two-piece collars are available for replacing or adding a collar to existing flagpoles.
I.D. approximately 1/8″ wider than Butt Diameter.

Powder Coat Finish Options
BZT = Powder Coat – BronzeTone
BLK = Powder Coat – Black
WHT = Powder Coat – White
CLR = Powder Coat – Clear

Finish Options >

All Spun and Cast Collars
are Available in Both
1-Piece and 2-Piece Designs.

STYLE A – FC11 – Spun Aluminum
1-Piece Construction

.080″ Thickness –
33% Stronger Than
Standard Competitor’s Products

STYLE B – Spun Aluminum
1-Piece Construction

For Use With Shoe Base Flagpole Applications

Cast Collars

Our offering of heavy-duty Cast Aluminum Collars provide project owners the strongest and most durable collar offered in the industry today! Cast from Aluminum Alloy, these 1/4″ thick cast collars are designed to withstand the harshest of environments. Offered in both 1-piece and 2-piece designs, they are perfect as either an upgrade to a new flagpole purchase or as a replacement or addition to an existing flagpole.
I.D. approximately 1/8″ wider than Butt Diameter.

STYLE A – FC11 – Cast Aluminum
1-Piece Construction

STYLE C – FC15 – Cast Aluminum
1-Piece Construction

STYLE F – FC121 – Cast Aluminum
1-Piece Construction