Welcome To Concord American Flagpole

Concord American Flagpole has a proud history that brings over 70 years of experience to the aluminum flagpole industry. As an industry-leading manufacturer and distributor of Flagpole and Flagpole Components, we are extremely proud to offer the best flagpole value, the highest level of professional customer service and continued innovation to industry professionals worldwide.

Whether your project requires a single flagpole in a residential or business setting, flagpoles in front of memorials, parks, or corporate and government buildings or elaborate multiple flagpole designs, Concord American Flagpole has the technical competence, quality and commitment to service to ensure your success.

Asked for by name by contractors and architects, Concord American Flagpole’s reputation for excellence makes us one of the most recognized…AND SPECIFIED…names in the Flagpole industry.

“Concord American Flagpole
has the Largest Inventories,
Highest Quality Components,
Lowest Freight Costs and
Best-In-Class Customer Service!”

Who is Concord American Flagpole

With a recognized reputation for excellence in Engineering and Manufacturing, Concord American Flagpole has a long history of producing aluminum flagpoles of the highest quality known to the industry. The result of our experience and knowledge can be seen in the Quality, Safety, and Longevity achieved with our products, making Concord American Flagpole one of the most specified names in the flagpole industry.

A leading Distributor to the flagpole and flagpole component markets, Concord American Flagpole is committed to providing superior support to each of our valued customers. Extensive stock inventories, outstanding customer service, and our exclusive Rapid Response Service Pledge allow us to continuously exceed customer expectations by delivering Best-in-Class customer service levels.

Concord American Flagpole is committed to exceeding customer expectations by providing a Rapid Response for all your Flagpole & Flagpole component needs.

We pledge to you we will lead the Flagpole industry with response times in:
• Quotation Requests
• Customer Service Support
• Engineering Support
• Order Processing
• Lead Times
• Shipment Tracking Information
• Post Shipment Support

Under the ownership and leadership of Dyson-Kissner-Moran (DKM), Concord American Flagpole is the industry’s only integrated flagpole manufacturer.

This integration provides…
• Supply Chain Ownership
• The Highest Quality Aluminum Shafts
• Unparalleled Engineering and R & D
• Scale and Leverage in Both Manufacturing and Shipping

Customer Service

We understand that our success originates with the success of our customers and have developed a customer-centered organizational structure focused on world-class Flagpole Distribution. The dedication and implementation of human, technological, and process resources is the driving force behind Concord American Flagpole’s ability to deliver our exceptional products at industry-leading service levels

Industry-leading lead times on the broadest assortment of aluminum flagpoles and components.
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Combined with immediate manufacturing backup, inventories in the breadth and depth to meet market demands provide complete and on-time shipments.

The speed of today’s business requires immediate access to required data. Quote, Information, and Quick-Ship requests are always a priority.

From quality raw materials to products delivered and received in perfect condition, our emphasis on quality control can be seen in each customer order.
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Superior Customer Service is our mission. We strive to put our customers first, providing professional and knowledgeable support to every customer request.

Our Engineering Department stands ready with the technical competence and knowledge to assist on even the most complex flagpole project.
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